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Basics Of Canine Nutrition – My Dog Nutrition

October 27, 2021

Dogs are widely assumed to be carnivores, and while this belief has stuck is not strictly true. Dogs, and indeed wolves are omnivores meaning they generally eat both animal and plant-based foodstuffs. This in contrast to cats who, as obligate carnivores, can only eat and derive energy from meat. For optimum health, dogs should be offered a balanced diet which we will aim to outline and explain.

Dogs need to be provided with water, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins. Commercially available feeds such as Purina aim to combine as many of these nutrients as possible, but another alternative is raw feeding with added supplements.

Ideally, diets should be balanced to provide dogs with their nutritional requirements and not so calorie-dense that they cause obesity. A good guide is to buy the highest quality feeds you can afford. With so many companies manufacturing dog food, it pays to shop around. Small companies are often happy to engage with potential buyers, and you may be surprised at how much information they will provide. If you require any advice on canine nutrition or suggestions for how your dog can benefit from nutritional supplements, feel free to email Our team will be happy to

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