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We are happy to assist in an automated service. Please see our shop page for further details or contact us directly.
Please contact us directly with your order number.
Please refer to our shipping and returns procedure in the event of your order arriving damaged.
It is the customer’s responsibility to make themselves aware of specific custom restriction and taxes.
Yes. Customers should be aware of any specific custom restrictions and taxes regarding importing animal supplements into their preferred country.
All our supplements will complement a healthy diet with the correct exercise regime for the age and condition of your dog. Please refer to our blog section for useful tips on health and conditioning.
Every dog is unique, so we are unable to offer fixed timeframes. However, we are confident that due to the quality of ingredients utilised, each dog’s nutrition can benefit from our supplements.
Please refer to label guidance with regards to age restrictions and feeding guidance.
All our supplements are 100% natural and can therefore can be used with most prescribed medication, but it’s always best to seek advice from your own vet.
Serving size recommendations are for a single day. They can either be given in one meal, or split between two.
Simply following serving size guide on the label and mix the required amount into your dog’s feed.
Our supplements are designed to work with all diets.
Our supplements are designed to work with all diets.
We use a variety of premium grade ingredients to get the very best nutritional balance into your dog. All our ingredients are 100% natural, organic, and where possible non-GMO. Please see the product label for further details.
All of our supplements are produced in British laboratories.

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