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As a collective group of working dog owners, breeders and professional trainers we understand the importance of getting the right nutrition into our dogs.

MyDog Nutrition has been born out of a journey looking for the optimal nutrition to feed our dogs, it has taken us to collaborate with top zoologist and nutritionists . We no longer wanted trace elements or substandard ingredients, we wanted a product which gave our dogs the very best in premium ingredients. Ingredients which are 100% Organic, non GMO.

Over many years we have seen breeds decimated by poor breeding leading to many health issues, whilst we cannot turn back the clock we investigated what we could do to improve the health of dogs. We evaluated key elements to nurturing successful healthy dogs, what areas are essential to mobility, growth and vitality. We looked at the diets we feed our working dogs and highlighted key areas that would benefit from improvement.

2019 was a huge year for MyDog Nutrition, this however wasn’t the start. Some years earlier we reviewed a popular canine conditioning supplement and came to the conclusion that this could and should be better. We then set about developing and testing a range of UK based supplements, creating a company which is today still ongoing. A differing vision along with a passion for perfection over profit drove us down a different path. In 2019 we developed then tested our debut product Rejuvenate on over 100 working dogs, across a multitude of breeds. The results were all what we had hoped for and more, after a long road we had at last the 100% organic, non GMO product that we know will benefit our dogs. A product that the whole team and those that have helped on this journey can be extremely proud of.

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So what does the future hold? Our quest for perfection continues and with the knowledge collated we are committed to improving dogs lives. We believe in the best, we believe in keeping our dogs natural and organic. A full range of supplements will be available over the next two years as we seek to bring you the very best for your working dogs.

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