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How To Improve Your Dog’s Quality Of Nutrition

December 2, 2021

All pet and working dog owners should be concerned about their animal’s health. One of the easiest way to support good health, both in the present and future is by offering your dog a healthy and nutritious diet. With a proliferation of low-quality but well-marketed pet feeds, it can be hard to understand how to improve your dog’s nutrition, but this blog will offer some simple tips to help you achieve this:

  1. Good dog foods should have a significant component proportion of lean protein. Protein is the most important kind of nutrient for dogs, so it is vital that a good portion of their diet comes from sources such as lean muscle meat, fish, or organs. This can also be supplemented with small amounts of egg and dairy. Carbohydrates are often used to fill out cheaper feeds while reducing the amount of more expensive lean protein required in them. Your vet will be able to advise on what a healthy protein content should look like
  1. Try introducing raw foods into your dog’s diet. While many owners only provide their dogs with a diet based on raw meats and vegetables, this is not entirely necessary if you prefer kibble-based feeds. These can be supplemented with small amounts of organ meat, raw vegetables, and other items such as fish oils. This kind of diet offers a number of benefits including reduced unhealthy additives in your dog’s diet, and more access to nutrients which can be destroyed during any preparation processes
  1. Use supplements. While not a replacement for a healthy diet in and of themselves, nutritional supplementation can offer a range of health and wellbeing benefits. My Dog Nutrition’s Rejuvenate is a leading joint and coat supplement. Only using natural ingredients, it can help dogs of all ages live healthier and more fulfilled lives by providing them with nutrients that seldom occur in regular feeds.

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