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Should I Give My Puppy Dog Nutrition Supplements?

December 2, 2021

Traditionally, there has been a certain amount of resistance to giving puppies nutritional supplements. While supplements have always been unfairly stigmatized, this is particularly the case with puppies and younger dogs. We believe this is unfounded, and that there are many good reasons to give your puppy dog nutrition supplements.

1. Puppies are going through critical developmental life stages. As they are physically growing and maturing, they need all the help they can get to set them up for success and health as adults. Poor health in adolescence can carry forward to later life, so your puppy’s health is of paramount importance

2. Joint health can be one of the greatest determiners of a dog’s quality of life as it ages. Joint supplements can help your puppy’s joints and musculoskeletal system develop in a normal and healthy manner, setting it up for success as it ages

3. Puppies can have different nutritional needs to adult and older dogs. For example, their physical development demands high levels of calcium for bone growth. A normal diet may not provide these additional nutrients, hence why supplements are necessary

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