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Is It Safe To Give My Dog Supplements?

December 2, 2021

Supplements as a whole – both for humans and animals – often have a dangerous reputation. While it is certainly true that some supplements may have adverse effects if not properly administered, we do not believe this to be true of the kind of nutritional supplements we have designed, sell, and ultimately give to our own dogs.

In their truest form, supplements are only used as additions to an already healthy lifestyle and nutritional plan. Nutritional supplements support overall health and wellbeing, and may offer specific benefits such as improved joint support. Supplements are perhaps the best joint support for dogs, and are far easier to administer than injections. When mixed with foodstuffs that are particularly appealing to dogs such as fish oils or cheese paste, they are usually readily accepted.

Having said that, we would always recommend that you seek veterinary advice before introducing nutritional supplements into your dog’s diet, especially if they have any history of allergies or intolerances. If one supplement’s component parts may be undesirable, there are usually appropriate alternatives that can be found without significant difficulty.

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