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Preventing Obesity in Dogs – My Dog Nutrition

October 27, 2021

Nutrition is of paramount importance to dogs and in fact all animals (including humans). A good diet is required for adequate energy production and supports normative healthy life and bodily functions. Many health problems can stem from poor nutrition, especially obesity and associated conditions. However, with a little education, this can be easy for owners to control.

Not dissimilarly to humans, calories can either provide dogs with energy or if not used be stored and lead to weight gain. Put simply, a surplus causes weight gain while a deficit is usually required for weight loss. Calories are absolutely necessary for your dog’s health, and one should not assume they are inherently negative. Rather, consideration must be given to the best way to manage calorific intake.

A combination of good nutrition and regular exercise are usually the best way to help maintain a healthy weight in your dog. Your vet will be able to advise on which feeds are most appropriate, but those with higher protein contents are usually good choices. Large amounts of sugars and carbohydrates are commonly found in dried feeds as they can be used for cheap “filling”.

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