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Why dogs benefit from nutritional supplements?

October 7, 2020

Similarly to humans, dogs have complex nutritional needs which require a varied and balanced diet if these are to be met. While primarily carnivorous, dogs can and should be fed small amounts of vegetable matter in addition to meat, which is ideally the main component in their diet. As feral scavengers, the ancestors of today’s pets will have been able to access this kind of variety and benefited from it accordingly. However, this is not the case today.

The majority of working dogs and pets follow a diet based on only one kind of feed. This prevents them from being exposed to an appropriate variety of nutrients, and increases the likelihood of suffering adverse effects from toxins or unhealthy ingredients. This problem is particularly prevalent in dogs who are fed with heavily processed products such as kibble that have a tendency to cause long-term health problems including cardiovascular diseases and even cancer. Essential vitamins and minerals may be omitted from a dog’s diet resulting in potentially dangerous deficiencies. Alternatively, mild natural intolerances can be exacerbated and reach unsafe levels with devastating health effects.

Diets based on kibble and other common heavily processed foods cause a range of veterinarian conditions including skin allergies, dried out fur, poor joint health, dental disease, and cardiovascular failure. For all of the damage these conditions cause, they are actually surprisingly easy to prevent. In most instances, a healthy and nutritionally balanced diet goes a long way in guaranteeing a dog’s health, and supplements can play a useful role in this.

Supplements can allow dog owners to target specific nutritional deficiencies, thus improving their overall health and wellbeing. Whether dog owners are seeking to treat or prevent a specific problem, formulated nutritional supplements can provide the answer they are looking for. Irrespective of whether or not a dog is suffering from joint pain, they will still benefit from a collagen-based supplement which can both treat the issue, and reduce the risk of it occurring if it is not present.

While supplements should not be viewed as replacements for a balanced diet, they are valuable tools in targeting nutritional deficiencies and preventing potential resulting health conditions. Our expanding range of expertly formulated nutritional supplements address a range of dietary deficiencies, and will go a long way in helping your dog live its best life. Your dog’s health is our mission, and we are more than happy to discuss how our products can help enhance their quality of life.

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