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Five Benefits Of Offering Dogs Nutritional Supplements

May 12, 2021

Dogs are known as man’s best friend for good reason. For thousands of years, dogs have provided us with company, comfort, security, and much more. Dogs have always been at our sides as both workers and companions, so it is no wonder that pet and working dog owners want the best for their beloved pooches. Health and wellbeing should always be at the forefront of any responsible animal owner’s mind and dogs are no different. In fact, because of the physical diversity among different types of breeds, dogs can pose particular challenges for owners seeking to support their animals’ health. Having said that, good nutrition provides a relatively straightforward way to promote health. More specifically, offering dogs nutritional supplements can be particularly effective.

There are many benefits to offering dogs nutritional supplements, one of which is that most commercially available feeds and foodstuff mixes can be nutritionally suboptimal. While very convenient, kibble on its own does not always provide the dogs it is being fed to with a variety of important micronutrients which can boost their health and wellbeing. As it is mass-produced with the intention of being as low-cost as possible, kibble manufacturers may opt to refrain from using more expensive micronutrients which could offer your dog significant health benefits. Direct supplementation sidesteps this issue and allows you to better meet your dog’s health and nutritional needs.

Similarly, while dogs can naturally synthesise certain nutrients themselves, this may be at a relatively low level and far from optimal. Nutritional supplements mean that owners can introduce these nutrients to their dogs’ diets, thus increasing their bioavailability and ease of access. For example, while dogs can naturally synthesise small amounts of Vitamin C, adding it to their food as a supplement is an easier way to allow them to benefit from it.

Furthermore, supplements can play an important role in maintaining a dog’s health as it becomes older. As dogs age, it is very common for their joint, skin, and coat health to decrease. Typical examples of this include joints becoming inflamed, skin drying out, and coat hair becoming brittle. Effective nutritional supplementation may help reverse these symptoms, or protect against them if they have not yet begun to manifest themselves.

Another benefit of giving dogs nutritional supplements is that they may improve cognitive and brain function. Supplements rich in all-important antioxidants have been linked to an increased ability to learn, receive training, and general mental sharpness. This may guard against cognitive dysfunction syndrome, which can be distressing for both dog and owner as their mental faculties noticeably decline.

Lastly, supplementation provides you as your dog’s owner with a higher level of control over its health and wellbeing. With a healthy diet as a baseline for your dog’s wellbeing, targeted supplements offer unique and valuable specifity. Specific supplements can each support conditions such as joint inflammation, lethargy, coat dullness, and much more. When selectively applied and introduced to your dog’s diet, they may be able to reduce the impact of certain medical conditions or bring other benefits, then removed or reintroduced as needed. Supplementing your dog’s diet does not need to be a difficult process. MyDog Nutrition can help you in every step of your journey. To find out more, email us on

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