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Our Story | My Dog Nutrition

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2023

MyDog Nutrition is a small business which operates out of East Yorkshire. We are a collective of highly experienced dog trainers, handlers, and owners who shared a passion for providing the very best for our four legged friends. We wanted the dogs we own and work with to perform as highly as possible, and after much searching for the perfect nutritional supplement decided to formulate our very own: Rejuvenate.

When formulating Rejuvenate, we asked ourselves which health benefits we wanted our dogs to experience, identified the relevant natural ingredients, and developed what would become our flagship product. Incorporating fish collagen, egg shell powder, chlorella, and Vitamins C and E, Rejuvenate can support your dog’s joint health, skin and coat condition, and digestive functions. Dogs of all ages can benefit from this product, and we add it to our working dogs’ daily feeds as a matter of course.

We have seen our dogs thrive since introducing Rejuvenate to their diets. We believe that all dogs can benefit from proper supplementation, be they pets or working animals. To find out more, please email [email protected].

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